Our Approach

We here at Church Street Studios* have a solution to the challenge confronting many business professionals searching for top-quality image-makers to implement the marketing strategies of their companies.

Scores of competent photographers and studios have closed under the onslaught of digital amateurs that confuse the marketplace with bogus websites, indiscriminate pricing, and poor quality work.

Competency and longevity are related in the world of business. Church Street Studios was founded by Joe Chielli in 1987, who passed away on February 4, 2017. Joe painstakingly trained and passed on all of his knowledge to Kristine Di Grigoli. Today, Kristine continues Joe’s legacy of the highest quality of work, as well as maintaining the ethics and professionalism of business practices.

Joe believed that in order to keep pace with recent changes in the business of photography and videography, it was necessary to expand the capabilities of Church Street Studios. To that end, he mentored Kristine Di Grigoli and utilized her contemporary ideas and fresh approach to the business. For Joe, the collaboration was a rare miracle of business synergy and shared vision in the complex world of image creation.

The Church Street Studios website now reflects the amalgamation of Kristine’s unbounded creativity and youthful energy as well as the technical skill and understanding of Joe’s many years of professional experience.

Church Street Studios delivers excellence throughout a broad spectrum of image creation, including corporate headshots, fashion catalogs, product shots, talking head videos, and annual reports.

Kristine guarantees your satisfaction. Her expertise will exceed your expectations and take the guess work out of your next creative project.

*Please note that Church Street Studios (powered by ArtChick LLC) has recently relocated to 122 Street, Philadelphia PA 19106.