Executive Portraits On Location

Executive Portraits On Location

“The Headshot is the NEW Handshake”

Based in Philadelphia, we do individual and group executive portrait sessions in studio or on location, as well as event photography in the Tri-State area. Special requests for international bookings are also accepted: see Nano Conference Photos in Rhodes, Greece. “Church Street Studios” is located in Old City Philadelphia at 122 Church Street.

We pay careful attention to details, and provide the look best suited to your marketing needs. We can design the executive portrait session with either a studio background concept, or an environmental location concept. Please see the two examples below. The first is the studio concept using a gradated background with special lighting effects. The second is the location concept created within the office space.

Image Competition
Simply put, if your headshot were to be viewed beside those of your competitors, how would you compare? For example, if you are listed on a website that displays multiple service providers, such as a list of realtors or attorneys, a great headshot could be all it takes for you to get the call.

Market Yourself
A great headshot is critical for many marketing and advertising campaigns. Advertisements you place online, on billboards, bus stops, and inside magazines receive better response rates if they include great pictures. Engaging, honest headshots are an important part of showing why your prospective clients should hire YOU and not your competition. Many ads only feature a headshot, a service description, and a phone number. We make sure our clients have picture-perfect images that capture their market’s attention.

Social Media
More than ever before, businesses are finding their clients through social media and online marketing. It is simply good common sense to be found by prospective clients with an image that showcases you looking your best. A well done executive portrait crafts your online presence and largely determines how the marketplace sees you.

Website Images
Many companies are including photos on staff bio web pages. Many consumers expect to click and see who they will be working with. We have partnered with a number of web designers and small businesses to create top-notch employee portraits for web page bios.

Showcasing Expertise
A great corporate headshot will showcase your confidence and expertise. As part of your overall image, you will look more professional online when you have professional photos. Conversely, you can unintentionally appear to be an inexperienced startup with limited marketing skills and resources when you post a poorly conceived amature photo or selfie.

Presentation Photos
If you are a public speaker or regularly do event presentations, the event planners and coordinators of the venues definitely need a great photo of you to use in their program. An attorney who regularly speaks at congressional hearings contacted me specifically for a headshot to be used as a visual introduction for his presentations.

Church Street Studios Post Production Services & Technical Considerations

All images from our photo sessions are typically ready for delivery the day after the session. The images can be delivered by disc, online portfolio, or digital transfer. Printed proofs 13” x 19” are also available. All images are typically shot as high res JPEGs unless raw image files are requested. Raw image files along with high res JPEGs of each photo can also be provided upon request.

Usage granted by the studio is typically unlimited unless models are used and the contracts with the modeling agencies specify certain restrictions.

Pricing for photography and/or videography services not listed on our website, including location assignments for advertising, product, fashion, catalog work, and event coverage, are priced individually according to the specific details of each project. Based on a detailed description of the project, a cost estimate will be provided. Feel free to call for estimates over the phone.

We also offer demo and promotional video services for web advertisements including special effects editing and motion graphics.

Thank you for considering Church Street Studios LLC for your next photography or video project.