NYC Fashion Designer Comes To Philly for Photography

NYC Fashion Designer Comes To Philly for Photography

As Philadelphia becomes a world class city, more often than ever before appearing in the international spotlight, NYC fashion designers are beginning to break their addiction to New York only photographers. It’s about time. It is true that the top fashion photographers in the world have set up shop in NYC, but the designers that can afford to shoot with them are only a tiny percentage of the thousands of fashion designers that currently create work in New York. The quality, ease, and affordability of shooting their designs in Philadelphia is becoming clear to many of NYC’s upcoming fashion stars.

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Fashion Photography for Gigi Active’s Cool Work Out Designs was shot at Church Street Studios in Old City Philadelphia.

Designed in New York and made in Brazil, Gigi Active is a favourite of professional, stylish, and modern women who have a healthy lifestyle and look for functionality and quality in all areas of their life.

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The line is definitely urban, inspired by the active and busy New Yorker, but is influenced by its production in Brazil that brings the joy of life to the Gigi Active collections with fun colors and prints in every season! Attention to detail and quality fabrics set Gigi Active apart. It’s line of luxury active wear combines state of the art fabrics with stylish, flattering cuts.

Designed by Gigi Arnuti, it was a great pleasure meeting and working with Gigi.

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