David Donahue Business and Personal Photo Session

David Donahue Business and Personal Photo Session

David has a degree in Business Administration from Temple University. He had worked 30+ years in the corporate world, eventually running a large food processing company. When he decided to reclaim the lost soul he went into selling rare books online.

Soon he realized he had more broken books than good ones and that he preferred fixing books to selling them. He studied with Jill Diess, a noted book restorer and teacher for four years before starting this restoration business.

Owner and main problem solver. Reads science fiction, and fantasy books, books on Naval actions in the Napoleonic wars, and collects Charles Bukowski and first edition Harry Potters. Still reads hardcover books, but also uses a Kindle, (it’s not a crime in the book restoration business) and listens most days to audiobooks while at work. Collects old soul and rock vinyl records. Cleans the sink, sweeps the floor, and makes the coffee every day. Takes orders from the staff willingly.

David Donahue Business and Personal Photo Session were photographed in studio and surrounding location. I want to thank my intern Emily for helping out today as well.