Promotional Images for Musician Gabryel Kevyn

Promotional Images for Musician Gabryel Kevyn

In studio and surrounding location here in Fishtown section of Philadelphia. Makeup by Allson Goetz.

Photographed under the L train, on Frankford avenue, and within a local music shop around the corner. The city is the stage as well as in the studio. Gabryel really adored the smoke machine too. Can’t wait for our next session, I have the perfect location in mind for the next round. Till then enjoy this set!

Review from Client:

“I am a songwriter/recording/performing artist and was in search of a new photographer who could really see and understand me and my vision and create that visually, with power and uniqueness. Kristine is more than that! She feels the shot, sees your vision, and adds so much more creativity and ideas that the most remarkable creations happen. She is more than photography. She is True Art. She is my go-to photography/artist from now on! In the music industry, visual image is as important as the music itself (example – Lady Gaga, Bowie, Bon Jovi, Elton John, etc etc). So as a recording artist, one MUST have the best to portray visually (and also emotionally) the music. They must join. Art meets Art and becomes one. Do not even hesitate. No matter what the project or need. Call Kristine and discuss your project, what it is and your vision. So friendly, professional, and creative. You will NEVER regret it! We are planning our next shoot already. My final note is: “Thanks Kristine for a most wonderful, creative, and fun experience. The images are beyond my imagination!”