Senior Portrait and Model Portfolio Headshot

Natalie attends a private all-girl high school and they require senior portraits to be submitted. ?Her mother discovered me through a google search and felt her daughter should also consider modeling. ?I think Natalie would be a fantastic commercial model if she wanted to be. ?She was very photogenic and I really appreciated her makeup work as well.

We worked outside under the L and on Frankford Avenue for these portraits. ?My studio is located under the L by Berks station – it’s in walking distance to Fishtown’s main street, where you can find some great stores to use as a backdrop. ?I had a great time experimenting also with the shadows too. ?I didn’t want to get to carried away as they were looking for some clean images to be transformed into black and whites.

It’s easy for me to get super creative, but not all of my assignments permit it, so I have to tread lightly. ?I remember being a teenager and being set in my ways. ?Natalie had her mind set on what she wanted, so I did my best to deliver. ? Of course, I had to experiment a little bit just for kicks. ?When she held up her hand in the sun I just had to capture it. ?I adore high contrast for black and whites. ?If this were a different kind of shoot I would take this much further, but it wasn’t so there.

I’m always happy to work either way. ?This is another reason why it’s critical to have muses in your life. ?Having muses allows you to be creative without the worry of client needs. ?Sometimes I find that if you show off creative projects, clients will hire you to do the same for them. Other times like this one you have to do what is safe and required. ?Hey, it’s okay to throw a little spin into the mix. ?The mother really loved it actually. ?Okay, I’m done with my babbling. ?Hope you enjoyed this set.